What on earth am I doing?

And, you may be wondering, what is this blog all about? Who am I, and why am I here?

What I’m doing is trading in my day job in London for living a more meaningful life. To me that’s being outdoors, running and my well-being. I want to push my limits emotionally and physically and this blog is an honest account of that. Going against the grain is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, but also the hardest. I’m stepping into the unknown and I will have to support myself financially as I go along, which is the basis for most of my fear.

But, if the best things in life were easy, a lot of people would be much happier – so I’m riding my wave of fear and making a leap of faith. Get ready for the nitty gritty that comes along with it.

My name is Manuela, I’m 23 years old and I’m from the Southwest of England. I graduated from King’s College London with a Geography degree in 2017 and threw myself into the first job I could find that would keep me in London town. 9 months in recruitment was the perfect gestation period for this master-plan and here we are.

In London, I got my kicks through coxing for my university rowing club. On a good day, on the Thames near Richmond, the only things you can see are water, trees and sky; it was several doses of this per week that got me through my degree. On a bad day, I’d sit perfectly still in sub-0°C temperatures for 90 minutes while 8 of my friends chauffeured me up and down the river. Freezing though I was, this was the highlight of my degree. Being outdoors makes me feel healthy, above all else. My well-being and happiness are my priorities now.

Several years previously I’d started running once round the block every morning before school, fed up of not being able to keep up with the older, taller kids. Once became twice, then three times and I never stopped. Nothing makes me feel more alive than pushing myself and nothing feels better than my own two feet getting me places. Big news on the blog is I’ve bought my first pair of trail shoes and I’m heading off road. Wherever I am in the world I’ll be running and sharing the best routes I find.



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